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Since 1989, The Artina Group has partnered with leading accounting and property management software publishers to provide them with their own private-label forms programs.

Because The Artina Group has the most complete line of software compatible forms in the industry, we can design your program around one of our existing forms or design your forms using the latest computerized forms design equipment. All artwork will then be carefully examined prior to production as part of our stringent attention to detail.

Your base stock will then be produced and held in inventory awaiting your customers’ orders. As orders are received, forms will be removed from inventory and imprinted exactly as your customers will request.

Once received, all orders are constantly tracked — from order entry through production and shipping — on our state of the art automated system. If desired, your clients may receive an up to the minute status report on any order at any time.

Unlike our industry competitors, all of your clients’ MICR ribbon-encoded checks will be electronically tested for signal strength, proper spacing, extraneous ink, etc. before they will be released for shipment. With our inclusion of the test results with every order, you will receive the peace of mind in knowing that your clients will be receiving a thoroughly tested, highly secure check document every time.

Your private label program will be flexible. From a production standpoint, it may include standard default formats as well as custom orders.Shipments may be made by either UPS or FedEx as your clients request. And of course, all orders will be shipped in your name.

Every order that is processed qualifies for a royalty payment and a check will be sent to you monthly.

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